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Psycho-Educational Assessments

We offer the best education consultancy service and training to educators, teachers, parents and students through our associate specialist, Natasha Gray, director of Spark Learning.

Our ‘expertise’ is grounded in the extensive experience of teaching children with learning disabilities to help them create a full life of quality learning, education and opportunity.

The mission of Spark Learning ultimately is to improve educational outcomes for all learners and be the premier and most diverse education consultancy in the Caribbean.

We administer full educational student assessments and provide recommendations for families and schools.

Our Award
– Making Thinking Visible- Harvard University


Our Products
– Full Educational Assessments
– Reading and Comprehension
– Phonological Awareness
– Numeracy Assessments
– Attention and Memory
– Handwriting
– Intelligence Tests
– IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
– Self-Directed Learning
– Identification of Learning Disabilities

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