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Newborns to Teens

We appreciate that one of the most important person  in your newborn’s early life is your child’s paediatrician. We therefore encourage a strong patient-doctor relationship from early. For new mothers, this may start with a prenatal visit to discuss some specifics, such as your schedule of visits at the hospital and the first few weeks after birth, who fills in when your doctor is out of the office, and how the office handles after-hours emergencies. You may also use this opportunity to learn your doctor’s approach to dealing with certain medical issues. In this way, you would have begun to forge a relationship with your child’s doctor that should last through the bumps, bruises, and midnight fevers to come.

Hospital and First Office Visits

We will be present for delivery of your baby at your request or at the request of your obstetrician. If we are not required at delivery, we will attend to your baby soon after birth and a thorough examination will be done.  We will do a second and final visit before discharge but if our observations indicate the baby needs additional medical attention, followup visits will be made as necessary. After each visit, we will meet with you to discuss your baby’s well being.

We recommend your first visit to our office two days after discharge.  At this visit, your baby will examined and any concerns will be discussed. After a month, you will make your second visit and a third visit at two months.  These “Well Baby Visits” are important as they are excellent opportunities to check the health of your newborn. During these visits, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the growth and development of your baby. At your first visit, do not be afraid to ask for your paediatrician’s mobile number.

All your visits may be booked using our appointment tool or by calling the office. After each  visit it is usually convenient to confirm your next appointment before leaving the office.

Your child’s growth and development can be so fascinating. Through the various interesting stages, we will be there with you. Here is some useful information to help you understand their growth and development as well as their medical checks-up requirements from birth to adulthood.

Emergencies and Illnesses for the first few months

Illness and injuries can occur in a newborn baby. If you think your baby is sick or if your baby is injured, call us immediately. We will always make an effort to be available to you, but if we are not, please take the baby to the hospital.

Here are a few signs that you should be concerned about:

  • Temperature  of 38 ˚C or 100.4˚F  or higher
  • Vomiting (not just “spitting up”)
  • Refusing to eat several feedings in a row
  • Excessive crying
  • Listlessness

All Our Services

We provide medical care to children from birth to 18 years old. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality medical care within a comfortable office environment, prompt phone advice from a doctor, and courteous service. We believe in continuity of care on a one-to-one basis between your child and his or her doctor. We believe that most families prefer to have one primary doctor responsible for the care of their children. Therefore, each doctor will care for his or her own patients when possible. All of our doctors are post-graduate trained in pediatrics.

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Newborns to Teens

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