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Office FAQs

May I walk-in or do I have to make an appointment?

Patients are seen by appointments only.  Appointments can be made by: i) our mobile patient portal; ii) our online appointment tool (see link at the top of the page); or ii) calling the office. If you need to be seen urgently and you are unable to make an appointment online, we ask that you call the office or WhatsApp us at (876) 577-3798.

May I choose which doctor I wish to see?

Yes.  Please go to the online appointment tool to see the schedule for the doctors or call us to find out.

What if I have an emergency?

If you have an emergency and are unable to reach us, please head to the nearest hospital or emergency centre.

Should I call the doctor to book an appointment or find out when she is in office?

We strongly encourage you to call the doctor with medical questions only, and direct your administrative queries to the office staff.

Do you do house calls?

Yes, we do, but  only for special circumstances which warrant it. Give us a call to discuss if that need arises.

What is your policy on charging for follow-up visits?

If you have to make a follow-up visit to the doctor for the same complaint, there is a reduced charge.

How do I leave feedback about my overall experience?

You may leave your comments (good or bad) about your experience. Please ask the front desk and they will guide you to a form.